Want to use Phil's music in commercial situation? Check this out FIRST!

If you want to use Phil's music in commercial situation you first need to BUY A LICENSE.

  1. Depending of your needs, chose the right license here below.
  2. Then use the "Contact" form to explain your needs.
  3. You will then receive all the information you need in return  (payment, license, music etc..).

License Fees

  • Youtube monetization: 20€
  •  Corporate video for small business: 100€
  •  Studient film: 100€
  •  Crowdfunding campaign: 150€
  •  Podcast: 150€
  • Book trailer: 200€
  • Small business website: 250€

Not in the list ? Please use the "Contact" form and explain your situation. We'll figure this out together!